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Where To Start in Your City

Learn about where you can play airsoft in your city. Our airsoft field database hosts information you can use to find a field or choose a playing area to use with your friends for airsoft games. Not all areas are suitable for shooting sports like airsoft so choose carefully along with local laws.

Once you have a place to play, get started with your game knowledge by learning about how airsoft guns work, tactical hand signals, and the general rules of airsoft games. Knowing these key details on how to play airsoft better will up your game and can make you a player and teammate people want on their team!

We also showcase the best selling airsoft guns, weaponry, and tactical equipment so you can build a combat battlefield loadout which will win more games. Already have an AEG, GBB pistol, or sniper rifle you love? Great check out our upgrading and troubleshooting guides to keep your guns running smoothly.


About Store Types

City Airsoft Stores

City airsoft stores are larger businesses which supply airsoft guns and gear around cities. These types of retailers in your city usually have large inventories of airsoft equipment stocked on hand. 

City Airsoft Shops

Airsoft shops in your city are smaller airsoft retail outlets normally based around airsoft field or arena locations. These types of retailers usually have smaller stocks of airsoft gear on-hand. 

Online Retail Outlets

Online airsoft retail outlets sell guns, magazines, and BBs through their websites. They usually have the largest selection and ship around the country so customers can order what they need.

Find Airsoft Guns to Play in Your City

Find popular airsoft guns in your city and where you can find them.  

What is Airsoft?

Learn about airsoft in your City 

Airsoft is a shooting sport similar to paintball. The sport consists of force-on-force battles where teams of players vie for objectives and complete missions like defending or controlling a specific area or eliminating opponents. Players can play on teams or as individuals depending on the game scenario or mission rules. The airsoft games are played on airsoft fields, in airsoft arenas or coliseums, or at temporary playing locations on public or private land. 

Most teams wear matching camouflage uniforms or similar colors to differentiate between friendly players and opposing team players. All airsoft players must have safety as their top priority and always wear ballistically rated eye protection. Face protection and wearing a face mask is also recommended. Players who prefer milsim or military loadouts often make full tactical gear setups based on their favorite special forces gear kits.

Most of the guns used to play airsoft fire 6mm plastic pellets known as airsoft BBs. These BBs are launched out of different styles of airsoft guns including rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, and machine guns. These gun styles are powered by three main types of gun constructions including electric, gas, or spring propulsion types. Players are tagged out when they are hit by incoming airsoft BBs and are considered "hit" and out of the game or "dead" until they respawn at a team rally point or the game ends.